tutorial / coffee w Einar and Una, Thurs 3rd April

Una, who works with turning products into services, showed her progress, including visuals and some concepts. We ran out of time before it was my turn, but our projects are fairly close and I got lots of good points out of the meeting too. Here are some notes I jolted down while they spoke..

your mobile phone’s behaviour reflects how the world around you reaches in to your life, and mirrors your personal, social interference patterns
the mobile phone’s intelligence makes it a much more honest represenative of your social network than for example facebook, because it knows who you actually speak to (rather than hwo you’ve added as a friend), and it knows when you sleep (because of the alarms set). Truths you may not be aware of?

flickr makes people buy more cameras (increased consumption), but also makes people use their cameras more (adds value, or increased importance to the product?)

“you can’t design a service without considering its touch-points” Matt Webb, of Schulze and Webb (i.e. you cannot aim for a service completely free of physical products)

service-product ecology is a good expression by Adam Greenfield; one may imagine that in the near future, neither product nor service will be independent of the other. Or as he puts it on his blog:
product: “the tangible presence in your life of a larger and much more ambitious experience”
“the product is no longer an isolated entity, but a way of gaining access to content which might ultimately live elsewhere”
challenge (referring to Weiser): “crafting the seams between the distributed components of a product/service, such that they enhance the perception of the whole”

physical products need to have immaterial qualities
the values of the everyday

importance of things: all culture is thing based according to anthropologist Anne Galloway

thing as thing vs/ thing as consumption
representation of what you do vs/ representation of what you own

don’t attempt to save the planet solely by creating a new product, but ask questions about how to make oneself socially acceptable..


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  1. Diplomsnakk « Min Diplom Blog Says:

    […] Diplomsnakk Torsdag 3. april møtte Einar med Ingeborg og meg for å snakke om våre diplomoppgaver. Vi rakk bare gå gjennom mitt prosjekt, før tiden rant ut. Einar hadde mange relevante poeng å komme med, som gjorde at det ble en interessant diskusjon rundt oppgaven. Ingeborg har skrevet ned mange gode punkter her. […]

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